Angle Bars

Steel angle bars is a bent or retracted L-shaped metal profile. It is most often used in the manufacture of various metal structures. Metal angle is – hot rolled equilateral metal angle, hot rolled equilateral metal angle, cold deformed equilateral steel angle, cold deformed equilateral steel angle bars.

L shaped steel bars

Equilateral metal angle – the most accessible steel angle, due to its relatively low price and wide range of applications, exceeds such structural elements as the beam and the channel.

L shaped metal bars

Non-edged metal anglerolled metal L-profile, cross-sectional angle with shelves (beams) of different lengths.

Steel Angle Bars

The L-shaped profile (metal angle) is used as an element under heavy load to create protective structures to secure pipes, electrical appliances and various equipment, as well as many other things.

The advantages of angle steel are good durability and a wide range of applications.

Metal Angle Bars

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