Coated steel

Smooth galvanized coated steel sheets – is a steel product in the form of a large metal sheet. It is made of cold-rolled sheet metal, zinc (even protective layer) and coated with plastisol or lacquer.

The polymer-coated metal sheet is made in different colors and shades according to the RAL and RR catalog.

Coated metal

  • Service life more than 50 years
  • Wide range of colors
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Attractive appearance
  • Easy to transport
  • Low weight

Coated metal sheets

  • Metal tiles
  • Facade panels
  • Profiled sheets
  • Mechanical engineering parts
  • Sandwich panels

Most galvanized sheets with a coating are used in the production of fences, facades, roof systems and for finishing building facades.

Coated steel sheets

  1. Steel sheet
  2. Galvanized coating
  3. Corrosion protection layer
  4. Ground
  5. Polymer coating
  6. Protective varnish

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