Metal sheets

Steel sheets is metal plates with a width of more than 500 mm and is used as a final product and as a basis for the production of other metal products – strips, profiles, pipes and angles. Metal sheets are produced by two metal plates rolling methods – cold (cold rolled steel sheets) and hot (hot rolled steel sheets).

Steel Sheets

  • Hot rolled sheet (H/R sheet)
  • Cold rolled sheet (C /R sheet)
  • Corrugated sheet (diamond, drip)
  • Carved Drawn Sheet (C / D Sheet)
  • High strength sheet (HARDOX)
  • Galvanized sheet (ZN)
  • Coated sheet (polymer coated)

Steel sheet products are sold in sheets or coils. The steel sheet is easy to transport. The metal sheet is easy to store and transport – in sheets or rolls.

Metal Plates

Metal plates are widely used in construction, mechanical engineering, industry and manufacturing. The steel plates is processed – cut, polished, cut and used for stamping fasteners and accessories. This widespread use is due to the practicality and ease of use of sheet steel.

Steel Plates

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